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4-point inspection

  • Applying for home owner's insurance? Let us verify with a 4-Point Inspection your home's features, risk characteristics, and/or general eligibility for coverage.

Wind mitigation 

  • Buying a new home? Rest assured by letting us INSPECT, DESCRIBE, & REPORT the physical and mechanical aspects of your home. 
  • Start saving money now! Call or email today for a Wind Mitigation Inspection to apply for discounts on your home owner's insurance.

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4-Point Insurance Inspections

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"We inspect every home as though we are buying it for ourselves."


Let our Virtual Room Designer show you what
your home could look like!

thermal imaging

  • Infrared assist in detecting moisture of walls, roof, leaks in plumbing, electrical problems, and defects in the insulation.

How wind resistant is your home? ​Get credit for it! Wind Mitigation Inspections 

We use infrared in our inspections to see what is invisible to the eye.